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lidia buonfino: anima doro & the music makers: the celtic years prana: earth my body fred hageneder: the spirit of trees fred hageneder: the silence of trees
01 Minerals
02 The Moon She Dances
03 Bon Ca Va
04 Goddess
05 Om Namaha Shivai
05 Weya Ho
07 River Flowing
08 I am a Circle
09 Rocks, Stones and Crystals

prana – earth my body

cd, 66 minutes,
8-page booklet with all lyrics

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Back to the roots with the pioneers of chanting

In the late 1970s, the first spiritual seekers of the 68 generation were returning to Europe from their inner and outer journeys and began to exchange. Some of these people started a tipi village in South Wales, to live as a community with the elements and seasons and in harmony with the earth.

Part of this 'new' ancient way of living are circle dances and circle songs, the latter also known as chanting. In the 1980s, Prana contributed considerably to the spreading of this devotional way of singing. Prana's songs and chants often came more or less directly from Indian temples or the spiritual traditions of Native America like the Sun Dance.

Over the years, Prana performed many live gigs and invited participants to song and circle dance camps where they too could experience living in a tipi in unison with the elements: the central fire place, the water, the air and the earth. In 1986, Prana (the name is the Sanscrit word for life force) gave a legendary concert at Findhorn which gave an unprecedented impulse that chanting was now spreading globally.

Until their dissolution in 1992, Prana also made professional sound recordings which, however, never entered wider trade networks. earth heart music has now dug up the original Prana mastertapes from some enchanted treasure chest, taken them to a modern studio and presents the first collection to new audiences worldwide.

Not only a rare piece of contemporary music history but also powerful timeless music that, by drawing from the original sources, is fresh and authentic.

This first cd, digitally remastered, contains thirteen songs of devotion, from the classical Indian Om Nama Shivaja to the Native American Sun Dance song Kuate and the well-known healing song I am a Circle.